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How to make a PayIn (deposit) ?
How to make a PayIn (deposit) ?

Deposit fiat funds to your Aerapass account

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Step 1: Logging on

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Payin” (deposit) at the top action bar.

Step 2: PayIn (deposit) form

Select your desired payment method “International Wire Transfer”, “SEPA” or “HK Local”.

Enter the following information:

  • Enter PayIn (deposit) Amount

  • Select Currency

  • Select Purpose of Transaction

  • Select Source of Funds

  • Enter Comment (if any)

Step 3: Confirm payment

Review your transaction amount and service fee. When you are ready, enter your password or 2FA (if enabled) and press “Confirm”.

Step 4: Transaction details

Overview : Click “Overview” tab to review the transaction information, if the information is inaccurate click “Cancel” button, otherwise click “Beneficiary” tab.

Beneficiary: Click “Beneficiary” tab to review the wire instructions. If you are depositing from an online banking account. Submit now your wire transfer based on the displayed wire instructions. Once complete, click “Mark as paid”.

Note: You can always revisit your transaction details at a later point. Please take note, that your deposit requests will automatically be cancelled after 7 days if not marked as paid.

It is recommended that you upload a receipt of your wire transfer. This will ensure a faster processing of your deposit transaction. Click “I’ll upload a receipt” button, otherwise “I’ll do it later”.

Attachment: Click “Attachment” tab to upload MT103/Swift Copy/Proof of Payment as the supporting documents of the transaction (recommended).

Invoice: Click “Proforma Invoice” button to download a transaction invoice

Congratulations, you are complete!

Your deposit request will be processed as soon as your funds hit our bank account. Our system will inform you via email about any updates regarding your transactions, or will remind you to mark your deposit as paid in case you forgot.

To review the status of your transaction, click “Transactions” on the main menu on the Dashboard and a list of all transactions will appear.

and here is a walkthrough video to help you out...

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