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How to apply for an Aerapass Card?
How to apply for an Aerapass Card?

Manual to help you with your card application

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In order to be able to order a card you first need to have a personal account. If you need the card to be an associated with a corporate, we can associate the personal account with the corporate.

Here is how to get started:

Step 1:

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Apply now” under the "Debit Cards" box.

Step 2:

Select the balance under “Pay with” with which you would like to pay for the one-time application fee. Your name and delivery address are being automatically populated from your entered information during the account opening process. When you are ready, press “Apply for card”.

Note: In case your account details changed, please contact the customer support team.

Step 3:

Read the Terms & Conditions carefully and press “Accept” to submit your card application.

Congratulations, you are complete!

Your card application will be reviewed and we will notify you via email with all necessary information regarding the process and shipment.

Note: You can cancel your card application at any time. Press “Cancel”, it will open a conversation in the chat box where you can request the cancellation of your card application with the customer service team.

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