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How to do a currency conversion?
How to do a currency conversion?

Learn how to request a foreign exchange conversions

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Step 1: Logging on

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Swap currency” at the top action bar, then click on “New conversion”.

Step 2: Conversion form

You can submit your conversion request - within 24h you will receive an offer with our best exchange rate, which will be valid for the longest possible time.

Conversion Details:

  • Enter Amount (From)

  • Select Currency (From)

  • Select Currency (To)

Define “From” which currency you would like to convert “To”.

Note: We will send you an email notification with our offer - which means you do not need to standby.

Congratulations, you are complete!

You will receive an in-app and/or email notification with our offer of our best exchange rate. Simply choose whether you would like to “Accept” or “Decline” the offer.

To review the status of your conversion, click “Conversions” under the “Services” section of the main menu and a list of all conversions will appear.

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