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How to transfer funds to another Aerapass account?
How to transfer funds to another Aerapass account?

Learn more about internal transfers

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Step 1: Logging on

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Transfer” at the top action bar.

Step 2: Transfer form

Send funds to other Aerapass account holders using your beneficiary's account number. The account number of an account can be found on the dashboard under “Account information”.

Transaction Details:

  • Enter Account Number

  • Enter Amount

  • Select Currency

  • Select Purpose of Transaction

  • Enter Reference (Optional)

  • Comment (Optional)

  • Click “+ Attach file” and upload supporting documents (e.g. invoice)

Step 3: Confirm payment

Review your transaction amount and service fee. When you are ready, enter your password or 2FA (if enabled) and press “Confirm”.

Congratulations, you are complete!

Your internal transfer has been processed. Our system will inform the other party via email about your transaction.

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