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How do I create an invoice?
How do I create an invoice?

Request payments from other Aerapass account holders

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Step 1: Logging on

Once logged in to your dashboard, press “Create invoice” at the top action bar, then click on “New invoice”.

Step 2: Invoice form

You can send invoices to other Aerapass account holders using their account number or email. Ask your invoice recipient for their account number or email address. Account number can be found on the dashboard under Account information.

Invoice Details:

  • Enter Recipient (Account number or email address)

  • Enter Subject of the invoice

  • Select VAT / GST in %

  • Select Currency

  • Enter Due Date

  • Enter Item (Description, Quantity and Price)

Add more items by clicking “Add item”. When complete, click “Send”.

Note: Save often used recipients in your contact book. Click “Show contacts” to manage your contacts.

Congratulations, you are complete!

Your invoice has been sent. Our system will inform the other party via email about your request. You can cancel the invoice at any time, or you will get notified once the other party settled the payment.

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