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How to open a business / corporate account
How to open a business / corporate account

Our User Guide to take you though the full onboarding process, with what information & documents you will need on hand to apply

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Step 1:

Go to and press “Don’t have an account? Register now”

Step 2:

Select “Corporate account” and input the following information, then press “Create account”.

  • Entity Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Password

  • Birthday

  • Nationality

  • Did someone refer you?

  • Check the box after reading the Terms and Conditions

Note: A charge of US $250 is levied on all Business account applications.

In order to complete an account application for a legal entity, the director, owner or person authorized to act on behalf of the entity, must complete the registration process first. Further to completion, the information and documents required for the entity will then be collected.

Step 3:

A verification email will be send to you. Open the email and press “Confirm email address”.

Now, your account has been enabled and you are able to log in.

Note: Press “Forgot password” in case you cannot remember your password.

Step 4:

After you are logged in to your account using your email address and password, follow the instructions and provide your identity documents.

Click “Start verification” to start the identity verification process, or click “Skip to Dashboard” to look around your dashboard and do the verification at a later point.

Step 5:

Prepare your ID and Proof of Address document and press “OK”. If you do not have all documents at hand, you can revisit the verification process at a later point in time again.

ID Card or Passport

You are require to take a picture of your valid document to evidence your identity.

Bank Statement or Utility Bill

You are required to take a photograph of a bank statement, government issued letter or utility bill to evidence your address. The document must have your name and address on it and should not be older than 3 months.

Step 6:

Select your preferred language for the verification process.

Step 7:

Enter your First Name, Last Name and Middle Name and press “OK”.

Step 8:

Select your Gender and press “OK”.

Step 9:

Enter your Birthday and press “OK”.

Step 10:

Select your Country of Citizenship and press “OK”.

Note that your Nationality may not be the same as the Country in which you reside. For example, you are a Singaporean citizen, residing in Hong Kong. Here you would enter Hong Kong.

Step 11:

Enter the Identification Number of your ID document and press “OK”.

Step 12:

Enter the Issuance Date and Expiry Date of your ID document and press “OK”.

Step 13:

Enter your Tax Identification Number and press “OK”.

Step 14:

Select your Main Source of Funds and press “OK”.

Step 15:

Select your Occupation and check the box if you are a US person for FATCA purposes. Press “OK” once done.

Step 16:

Enter your Expected Turnover in US Dollar and press “OK”.

Step 17:

Enter your Phone Number and press “OK”.

Step 18:

Select the type of your ID document you would like to provide for the verification process.

Step 19:

Choose how you would like to provide a photograph of your ID document.

Use Webcam

Take a photograph of your ID document.

Upload a File

Upload a previously taken photograph of your ID document.

Step 20:

Choose how you would like to provide a video of your face from the front, both sides and showing your document.

Use Webcam

Take a video of you and your ID document.

Upload a File

Upload a previously taken video of you and your ID document.

Step 21:

Select your Country of Residence and press “OK”.

Step 22:

Enter the City you live in and press “OK”.

Step 23:

Enter your Address and press “OK”.

Step 24:

Choose how you would like to provide your Proof of Address.

Use Webcam

Take a photograph of your Proof of Address document.

Upload a File

Upload a previously taken photograph of your Proof of Address document.

Congratulations, you've completed the KYC part of the registration!

Once you press "Next" you will be asked for the information and documents relating to the legal entity you are registering for a Business account.

Step 25:

Click "OK" to provide your information & documents for the legal entity applying for this Business account.

Step 26:

Click “Yes” that you are authorized to act for this entity.

Note that the user should be authorised to provide this information on behalf of the legal entity.

Select the position you are acting in (e.g. Manager/Director/Shareholder).

Drag and Drop the document evidencing that you are authorized to sign on behalf of this entity and click “OK”.

Step 27:

From the drop down list, select the type of entity applicable to your business and click "OK".

Note: Options for the different types of legal entities are Company, Partnership, Trust, B2B, Association, Registered Cooperative, Agents of Client, Governmental Body.

Step 27:

Input the name of your entity & company registration number and Click "OK".

The "Registration Number" field is not mandatory for entities which are not issed with a registration number.

Step 28:

Input “Country of Registration” and “Date of Establishment” of the entity and click “OK”.

Step 29:

Check the box if your entity is licensed by a professional association or regulator.

Input the “Association number” (the license number allocated by the professional association or regulator) & click “OK”.

If your entity is not licensed, press “Enter”.

Step 30:

Input the name of regulator or professional body who issued your license & click “OK”.

If your entity is not licensed, press “Enter”.

Step 31:

Input your entity’s office Country & Postal Code location & click “OK”.

Step 32:

Input your entity’s office Street Name, Number, City & State details & click “OK”.

Step 33:

Drag and Drop the document you are using as a proof of address for your office address & click “OK”.

Step 34:

Click the box if the registration address is the same as your entity’s office location & click “OK”.

If the Registration Address differs from the office location of your entity, ensure that the box is not ticked and enter the address details.

Note: You will also need to provide a Proof of Address for your entity's Registration Address where this is different from the office address.

Step 35:

Input the main phone number to be used to contact your entity about the business account & click “OK”.

Step 36:

Select the main industry related to your business activity from drop down list & click “OK”.

Step 37:

Drag and Drop your document used to evidence the shareholding structure of your entity & click “OK”.

Step 38:

Click “Upload Documents” to upload Proof of Identity document for the Shareholder/Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Director or Persons Authorised to Act in your entity.

Click “Add Contact Information” to input the full name and email of the identity document holder who is a Shareholder, Director or Person Authorised to Act.

Note: This step may be repeated numerous times to upload a number of identity documents and details in accordance with the number of Shareholders, Directors & Persons Authorised to Act.

Step 39:

Drag and drop the document you are using as evidence of ownership or control for your entity & click “OK”.

Note: Evidence of Control is usually evidenced in the establishment documents of an entity, share certificates or a register of shareholders. This document will reflect the names of the shareholders you have entered in the "Contact Information" step above.

Step 40:

Input the expected annual turnover for your entity account in USD.

Check the box if any individual or legal entity in this application is considered a “US Person” in accordance with FATCA & click "OK".

Step 41:

Congratulations, you are complete!

Press “Encrypt”, and your information will be submitted to our compliance team, which will review your details for completeness and eligibility. This process usually takes 1-3 business days. We will notify you if we are missing any details or once your account is approved.

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